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From large brands to small, we all have a story to tell. The key is finding what makes you unique- what makes you different? The key is how to tell the story, who to tell the story to, and how to grow your business through these public and media relationships.

That's where we come in.



Your logo tells your story. From brand concepts to logos, design, graphic design work, websites, print materials and digital files, we start with an idea and see it through to completion to visually tell your story.


Public and Media Relations is our passion. Together we help you find your unique voice, tell a story and connect with key media to deliver the message to the masses. From store openings to brand launches, re-launches, crisis communication and general story pitching, we've got you covered.


From social media content creation, management, contests and campaigns, along with digital advertising through Google Ad Words and Pay Per Click, all the way to Search Engine Optimization for your website- our award winning digital team is ready to tackle your online presence.


Crisis communication, strategic counsel, media buying and planning, social media buying, website building, and strategies. Together with our team, we help you plan your entire campaign from start to finish.

Our Services

MKP Creative is a public relations and marketing team with two locations in Portland, Oregon and Cleveland, Ohio serving companies across the United States. We specialize in Media 2.0, Social Media, traditional PR campaigns, Viral Marketing, Integrated Marketing campaigns and copy writing, specifically for SEO and web based projects.

Contact MKP Creative for samples, a client list, and quotes on projects. Gather your friends or co-workers for a Social Media Seminar and receive a group discount.

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