Big day for client Oregami Luggage who's been named one of the "most useful travel inventions" by Huffington Post and garnered a 9 out of 10!

The product: Oregami Luggage

The pitch: Oregami Luggage launches the first bag in a line of suitcases that the company says makes packing and traveling a breeze. Oregami has a patent-pending internal organizing system that includes three organizer compartments that fold out easily, can each be taken out separately and placed into hotel drawers, and reconnected and folded back into the suitcase when it’s time to leave.

Usefulness level: 9

Our take: Regular travelers know the best way to get settled into a new place is to actually unpack. Here, you just pull the suitcase apart and toss the pieces in the dresser drawers. Easy, breezy. And when there’s no dresser available, the organizational structure would keep you from digging through layers of neatly folded and pressed pants to find a pair of dress socks. Assuming it’s relatively easy to put back together, we’re on board with this idea.

Where to get it: $399.97 at

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